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Frequently Ask Questions

Many questions may be there in your mind before applying for an instant loan; there is some unique question and answer to solve your queries.

Who is eligible for a loan?

Anyone having a reasonable salary and credit score.

How to apply for a loan?

You can directly apply from our website.

How much loan amount can we borrow?

The loan amount depends on your salary; we generally provide thirty to forty percent of your wage.

What are the documents required for a loan?

You must present your PAN card, Aadhar card, six months bank statement, and three-month salary slip.

Can I take another loan with an existing one?

No, you have to repay the existing loan; after the repayment, you will be eligible to borrow the loan again.

Is there any prepayment?

No, there is no prepayment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of loans: Personal loans, mortgage loans, auto loans, student loans, business loans, etc.

Qualification: Depends on factors like credit score, income, employment history, and debt-to-income ratio.

Secured vs. unsecured: Secured loans require collateral (like a house or car), while unsecured loans don’t.

Improve chances: Maintain a good credit score, stable income, and low debt-to-income ratio.

Loan term: Length of time to repay the loan, varies based on the type and terms of the loan.

Missed payment: This can result in late fees, damage to credit score, and potential repossession or foreclosure.

Required documents: Typically include proof of identity, income, employment, and sometimes assets.

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